Nails, screws

Wooden structures which are construction elements require to be mounted only with certified pivot connectors. It means that any used nails, screws, bolts and anchors have to be made according to appropriate standard or Technical Approval. DMX screws are certified and intended for mounting wooden elements. The screws are fully equivalent to construction nails, do not need pre-drilling and are available in multiple sizes, with length up to 400 mm. Deep TORX pocket enables better transfer of torque and prevents bit from sliding off. To mount flat and three-dimensional metal connectors one should use ANCHOR ring nails. Our product range includes ANCHOR nails with 4 mm diameter and length in 35mm-100mm range.

Please contact us in order to issue a declaration of conformity for the product covered by ETA-13/0393 (dated 12.11.2018). Current ETA no. 16/0156 of 26.07.2019 is available for download in the "Technical Documentation" tab.