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Creator of wooden connections is a set of simple tools developed by group of experts. Our tools will help you match angle section and proper pin connectors, determine the method for connecting the beams or nailing the perforated plates. Select tool and make sure how quickly you fit the connector and define the principles of its assembly.

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Screw spacing

This tool will help you check the minimum spacing and distances to be kept during screw installation. The calculations are based on PN-EN 1995-1-1 standard and the European Technical Approval ETA-13/0393.

Besides instantaneous information on what screws should be installed in what distance, the wizard answers the question of "How to choose the drill–driver torque for the screw driving torque?".

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Selection of connector based on dimensions of beams

In this tool the technical calculations are condensed in the clear form of seven steps. At present, the algorithm bases on the set of squares KP, KPL, KPS, KPK, KK, KL and matching nails ANCHOR 35 - 125. The set narrows depending on the choices made, so as to indicate finally the angle section and nails best suited for your wooden connection. Show the mutual placement of beams, their dimensions and define the place of force application. Try it out now!