All–purpose slip joint hinges: ZM and ZMS

We have extended our hinge family with slip joint hinges, being a perfect alternative to standard hardware. Thanks to their small size, they can be used for many applications. Their design offers easy installation and dismounting e.g. of a cabinet door. The hinges have openings for countersunk screws. When installing, you should consider the hinge location, size and quantity. 

In ZMS series, the pin enables to close and open the hinge thanks to which it can be used as a locking bolt. The offer is available here. 

ZM hinges are right– and left–hand. The products are available here.


Universal postfeet: PSK and SDPSK

We introduced new, universal PSK and SDPSK postfeet into our offer. The postfeet are designed for fixing posts and garden structures. Their structure enables to use the beams with non–standard cross–section dimensions.

High corrosion protection of PSK support is guaranteed by hot–dip galvanised coating, while SDPSK support is protected by DUPLEX system where the galvanised coating has been further covered with paint offering aesthetic values to the support.

Learn more about our products PSK and SDPSK.


Carriage bolts and screws for garden architecture with black heads

We are introducing carriage bolts and screws for garden architecture with black heads, which have been specially created for the installation of decorative DMX hinges. The black-painted head not only enhances aesthetic qualities, but also provides an additional protective layer.

ZACB carriage bolts are available in a variety of sizes. The package contains a set of 4 bolts with nuts and washers. The full offer is available here.

ZAS screws are available in two lengths and are packed in plastic bags of 12 pieces each. The offer is available here.


New: CTO screws

We have extended the offer of disc head screws by garden screws dedicated to the column bases.

The enlarged, flat disc head provides an aesthetic appearance of the column joint with the base. The anti-corrosion layer, i.e. a durable double protective coating consisting of a zinc galvanised layer and a special zinc-coated colour paint with aluminium filings, prevents the penetration of corrosive substances from the outside and ensures durability. The presence of the Torx socket facilitates the installation, and the thread cut prevents splitting the wood during screwing. There is no need for pre-drilling.

We encourage you to familiarise with our offer.



DMX video

In this short video we present the seat of DMX connector manufacturer, Domax. This is the plant in Łężyce which is left every day by DMX connector deliveries so we wish to disclose some information on the square or screw manufacturing process, some shots from the warehouse and showroom.
Have a closer look at DMX brand. The video is available at Domax, DMX connector manufacturer.


All–purpose eyes in DMX offer

As per our customers' suggestions, we extended the gardening fitting component offer with a new group, i.e. SP all–purpose eyes.
The all–purpose eyes can be used in many ways, with the most popular being the eye screwed to doors or windows that need to be secured with a hook, deadbolt or padlock. They complement the bolts. They can be used also to fix ropes or order cables.


New, coated squares

The squares are protected with golden or silver galvanised zinc coating. We have prepared an alternative which will be perfect when installing components made from light or dark laminboard, wood–based or wooden panels, i.e. white or black squares.
White options have been added to the group of narrow squares (KWB 1), wide squares (KSB 1), adjustable squares (KRB 7) and anchor squares (KK 0). Black squares, besides the ones available in decorative connector category, have been added to the narrow square offer (KWC 1).
The above DMX connector models offer a multitude of applications. They are perfect not only for assemblying structures, but also for minor woodworking tasks and furniture assembly.


New products in the DMX screw range!

We are happy to inform you that, as our customers have suggested, we expanded our line of countersunk screws with new diameters: ø 3.5 mm, ø 4 mm, and ø 4.5 mm!

Why are countersunk screws an essential product for every professional? As our joint designer Krzysztof Rytlewski explained, when the CS DMX screws are used, wood maintains its structure because the tabs under the screw heads, the so-called cutting ribs, prevent cracking. Moreover, the head of the screws digs into the wood, which makes the finished structure smooth and free from protrusions. CS screws with smaller diameters are excellent for connecting thin boards or small elements. In addition to quicker installation due to the possibility to use a power tool, the joint is strong and looks good.

Below is our full range of CS DMX countersunk screws. To find out more, go to 24.domax.com:


New way of searching DMX connectors!

Did you know that DMX connectors superbly fit the modern garden architecture? All you need to realise this would be to see the new interactive presentation of the house with a garden at dmxsystem.com. The arrangement there is the result of the work of Domax specialists and architects - perhaps it will inspire some changes to your own "backyard".

In the new presentation there are many designs using steel connectors. It turns out that DMX connectors accompany us while we are relaxing in the gazebo, on the terrace or when the children are playing in the sandbox. The arrangement brings together aesthetic, and at the same time well-tested, solutions - connectors meet the standards and have the EU security attests.

The views with the various designs can be zoomed-in, scrolled, and you can search different variations of carpentry connections. We invite you to take a look at the new house with a garden!


Modern production & warehousing hall DOMAX

DMX product warehouse was transferred to the newly constructed, modern Domax hall. The last works in the construction site were completed in August 2015, one year after their commencement.

The hall takes 4000 m2 – bigger warehouse area and improved forwarding processes have already shortened the goods shipment duration and improved availability of connectors and other DMX products.

The hall was fitted with steel high–storage racks with 6,000 pallet spaces. Besides the warehouse, also the production, packaging room and forwarding room were enlarged. The hall was equipped with high quality devices offering complex solutions for loading and unloading. This investment in cutting-edge technology reduced the time required to pick orders and also improved work safety and comfort.

With the carriers in mind, the structure of internal roads round the facility was optimised. Now the delivery vehicles can circulate freely within Domax complex even if they carry large loads.

Moreover, extensive offer of DMX brand will be presented to customers in a room of 100 m2 dedicated to the display of products. Merchandising works have been carried out and the exhibition is to be opened soon.

New Domax hall is really impressive! More information on the hall and the statement of Domax Commercial Director and photos of the construction process can be found here – click.


Novelties in the post supports

The bases for DMX® poles have been expanded with PSS group designed for transferring the heavy loads. The offer includes also WD – impactor for mounting the PSG pole bases.

The PSS pole bases are designed for transferring very stable connections. They are made out of thick metal plates (4mm), and thanks to various openings they may be fastened to wooden poles by means of ring-shank nails, wood screws and bolts. During the assembly please note to place the connector base in the distance of 20 to 40mm over the ground, protecting this way the wooden poles against the contact with excessive moisture.

Moreover, to make the assembly of driven PSG pole bases easier, we suggest using WD impactor. In this way, it is possible to place PSG base in the ground easily and first of all more stable.

The full offer of DMX pole bases is here: click on.


Internet Creator for carpentry connections has been launched

Together with the beginning of the construction season 2015, we have started the Creator for carpentry connections DMX®. Under the address dmxsystem.com/en/creator/ we place the practical tools developed by our experts, these tools will help you with fast and easy design of the timber - timber connections while using DMX connectors®.

The first tool is used for a connector selection based on the information provided by a user. The connector is adapted to the beam arrangement, their dimensions and occurring loads. The work on other tools is still going, and the main purpose for creation of such contents is the desire of sharing over 20-year experience in the carpentry connectors construction and specialist knowledge in this range with anybody who needs it. At the same time, we are doing our best to make the method of presentation as convenient and consistent with the market trends as possible, therefore the creator operates as commonly available interactive Internet tool.

You will find more information on the creator here. Please visit!


We have expanded the offer for CARPENTRY TAP SCREWS CT

In the catalogue of DMX products there appear new carpentry tap screws with plate head with diameter of 6 mm. The supplementary offer includes the tap screws with diameter of 6, 8 and 10 mm with the lengths from 70 to 400 mm.

Carpentry tap screws with plate head CT DMX® are mainly designed for joining so-called softwood e.g. pine or spruce. The wide diameter of head prevents from indenting a tap screw into the timber. On the head there is information on the screw length, which makes the identification easier. The presence of TORX seat prevents from damaging the bits and screws, and therefore their durability is significantly prolonged. Moreover, TORX while using smaller radial forces carries higher torque in relation to the classic profiles.

Carpentry tap screws with plate head CT DMX® are the perfect solution at the roof construction, house skeleton, terrace or light structures such as gazebos, fences.

DMX® tap screws are always the proven solutions!

The full offer of the DMX carpentry tap screws is here.


Novelty: Light and resistant KPS squares

The squares with KPS rib are light, resistant and inexpensive at the same time! It is a new product group, with which the offer of DMX® squares has been extended. The new products prove ideally while assembling the light structures such as: gazebos, pergolas, fences and furniture. 

KPS squares withstand considerable loadings, as Constructor of DMX connectors Mr. Krzysztof Rytlewski ensures: KPS have a very high resistance, it is confirmed with our tests and the tests of certification bodies. Each KPS square was examined in a detailed way to acquire ETA Approval and CE marking. Of course they are less resistant in comparison with KP or KPL squares, however, thank to application of thinner material they are cheaper and still maintain high load capacity. The advantages of KPS include also the perforating, which was designed so that the assembly while using a wide range of the pin connectors would be possible.

You can find the details on new KPS connectors on the website.


New website of DMX® brand

In new website we present DMX® brand „inside out” – we present DMX® products in detail, we show you the laboratory at the seat in Łężyce, we describe the history, we publish the news – to make you update with our activities and development. First of all, we make sure that the ongoing access to the current product offer of DMX® together with the technical documentation are available to you. Following customers' suggestions we have placed also the technical drawings of DMX® products to be downloaded in PDF format.

We live in "the Internet age", keeping that in mind and simultaneously desiring to provide our customers and partners the best form of cooperation, we have been still working on the development of our website. Making use of our over 20-year experience we would like to share our experts' knowledge with you, hence together with opening the construction season – in spring 2015 the Internet Creator for carpentry connections will be started!


Next DMX connectors have received the approval: ETA 14/0425

We inform you with pleasure that on 13.01.2014 up to 80 DMX connectors have been approved with European Technical Approval under the number ETA 14/0425.

While producing DMX® connectors, we attach great importance to the care of every detail. New ETA is the best proof. The document contains the details from the testing of next DMX® products meeting the highest European standards.

The products contained in the latest approval are as follows: even-armed squares 135° KLR, squares with rib: KP, KPL and KPS, reinforced squares KPK, squares with adjustments KR and KRD, hangers for beams WBC and WBU, skew connectors LU, connectors to concrete ŁB, pillar bases PS, tensioners of assembly belt NT, reinforced anchor KKB as well as the products contained in System of Decorative Connectors SD.

Document is available to be downloaded at the certain products on the website or after clicking the link: ETA 14/0425.


Style and strength - innovative face of the connectors to timber SD DMX®

System of decorative connectors SD DMX® is the work result of experienced team of specialists from DOMAX. New connectors are characterised with high aesthetics – the wooden constructions with their application bring not only the stability but also interesting design.

Black colour of the connectors matches ideally the different wood types. The openwork decorative elements give the lightness and expression to the whole construction. System of decorative connectors SD DMX is unprecedented solution, combining the high aesthetics with the strength. All connectors SD DMX are made out of thick zinc coated sheet and additionally protected with powder paint coating. Such dual protection DUPLEX HD applied to the connectors is an original idea of our experts. DUPLEX HD provides maximal protection against corrosion.

We invite you to watch the visualisation wth the application of SD DMX® – click here.